FOREVER Features:


FOREVER offers secure and flexible storage options for our digital assets. We can choose from a range of storage plans to accommodate our needs. These plans provide ample space to store photos, videos, documents, and other personal content. FOREVER ensures the safety and longevity of our stored data through redundant storage, multiple data centers, and rigorous data integrity checks. With FOREVER storage options, you can have peace of mind knowing that your memories are protected against loss, damage, or outdatedness, allowing us to access and enjoy them whenever we want.
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FOREVER provides custom organization features to help us efficiently manage and navigate our digital content. We can create personalized albums, collections, and tags to categorize and organize our photos, videos, and documents based on themes, events, or any criteria they prefer. The platform also supports advanced search functionalities, making it easy to locate specific items within our collection. Whether we want to create a chronological timeline, group content by family members or occasions, or apply unique labels to differentiate content, FOREVER custom organization tools empowers us to curate and structure our digital memories in a way that is meaningful and intuitive to us.


FOREVER digitization services help us convert our physical media, such as printed photos, negatives, slides, and VHS tapes, into digital formats. By sending our items to FOREVER, we can ensure that our precious memories are preserved and accessible in a more modern and convenient way. The digitization process is handled with care and expertise, and the resulting digital files are organized and stored securely on the platform, allowing us to easily view, share, and cherish our memories for years to come.

Club 5

FOREVER Club 5 membership is a subscription plan that offers a range of exclusive benefits to its members. With Club 5, we receive five unique perks each month, including discounts on products, storage credits, access to special features, and more. The membership provides an enhanced experience for us, giving us additional value and rewards for our loyalty. Whether it's saving on custom products, enjoying extra storage space, or unlocking premium features, Club 5 membership enhances the FOREVER experience and provides added value.
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